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 My Story - How it all started

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My Story - How it all started Empty
PostSubject: My Story - How it all started   My Story - How it all started EmptyWed Apr 02, 2014 12:02 am

I was introduced to Runescape by one of my cousins in 2006. In 2012, I quit playing runescape simply because of how boring it got. About a year later, I found out about Runescape private servers and I thought they were very cool, (So do most people). The first private server I played was called Telos 614. It was renamed RuneNova later. A short while after that, Jagex threatened the owner of RuneNova so he shut it down. After that, I thought I would make my own server and try to get a lot of people. Turns out it didn't go as planned and my server was very unsuccessful. So after that, I told myself I was going to quit everything with servers; no more playing, or making servers. 2 Months later, I was thinking to myself how I could be co-owner of a server without hosting it and being another total fail. So I went to a website and I posted on the forums saying information about how I will make a website, as long as they host the server. I got a message from a person saying that he could do it. So we chatted on skype or what ever and we decided we should get another person in our group to help us host. So he picked up a person from one of his posts and about a month after the three of us talking we finally got our server up and bluemachine was one of the first players to join our server. About a month later, nobody was joining our server so the owner called it quits. (He also went back to finish college so it was hard.) So that's when me and bluemachine got together and decided to make a server. I told bluemachine that I couldn't host servers because I couldn't get into my modem (which is really unfortunate). So he said he would have no problem hosting the server. I told him that while he hosts the server and codes it, I could be building a forums and making it better. So that's what we did. We later came up with the name Virtus, which means "Strength, or Power" in latin. We both thought that it sounded a little plain for a server name so we decided to add 667 after Virtus and now we will never hear questions about what revision our server is. From there, we have just been trying to run it smoothly. Hope you liked reading my story. Now you have the behind story and how it started. Hope you enjoyed!

Sincerely, Trim
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My Story - How it all started
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