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 What are Virtus Points?

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PostSubject: What are Virtus Points?   Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:16 am

Virtus Points are what determine how loyal and serious you are about the Virtus Community. You can view how many Virtus Points other players have by clicking on their name and going to their profile.

Question: How do Virtus Points benefit us?

Answer: Virtus points will help us determine whether or not you deserve a position in our staff, (If applied for). Also, instead of having long arguments and a lot of drama, we could simply turn to each other to see who has more Virtus Points. The person with the most Virtus points has obviously been helping out the community more than the other person.

Question: How do I earn Virtus Points?

Answer: You can obtain Virtus points in many different ways. Just by posting on other players topics gives you points. Creating topics gives you points. Adding people to your friends list (on the forum) gives you points as well. Hint: Helping people out and posting on their topic in the "Help" forum, gives you the most points.
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What are Virtus Points?
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