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 I can play!

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I can play! Empty
PostSubject: I can play!   I can play! EmptyFri Apr 25, 2014 12:27 pm

Hello again, everybody! In my introduction post, I talked about hiking the Appalachian Trail and how I wouldn't be able to log on to the server. Well, things have changed over the past month.

Between my dad slightly tearing his Achilles tendon and a friend of ours doing a section of the Trail, I now have my dad to road support me with a vehicle from home, and my own laptop out here!  tongue

So! With that being said, I will be able to log on to the server every now and then. I will mainly only be able to log on when I'm in a hotel room (probably only one or two nights a week or more). But it's okay, dont cry... its better than not getting to play at all!

So, there you have it! I promised Blue or Trim I'd post this so here we are Very Happy
Thanks for reading, guys!


I can play! Assassinscreed-1-1
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I can play!
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