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 Kush's Server Support App

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Kush's Server Support App Empty
PostSubject: Kush's Server Support App   Kush's Server Support App EmptySat Apr 12, 2014 9:34 pm

Forum name: XnYaddict

In-Game name: Kush

How were you introduced to Virtus 667:Type in Fun Server On youtube

Position Applying For: Server Support

Why are you applying for this position: I feel as more and more people join Im on at all times to help them and i would not hesitate to help them.

Have you ever been apart of a staff team on any other server: Owner , Mod , Server Help
If yes, what was the name of the server and how long were you staff:Owner - Swagscape ,Mod Rainbowpk, Server Help - Skillscape

How would you be helpful to the community: Providing Info and helpful tips with everyone, solving issues and arguments along community

How many Virtus Points do you currently have:0 sadly due to accounts would be made

How active are you on the Website/Server: im dedicated on about 24/7 eastern time i have school but after school im on till 3am at night
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Kush's Server Support App
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